Customer’s Comments

Thank you for the beautiful bed.  I can't stop looking at it, it's so well done in every way.  We truly appreciate your skill and artistry, and your effort to make something so perfect for us. 

Poulsbo, WA

How much do I love my new bed? I keep going in the bedroom just to stare at it. Can one be bed-obsessed?

It is perfect. I love the proportions, the wood, the craftsmanship (of course) and the design.

It is is just what the room needed.

Thank you for this latest labor of love.

Larkspur, California


I have really enjoyed working with you. You made the process very easy. It's wonderful. Between digital cameras and the internet it's easier than doing business locally.

New Jersey

Hi Robert,

Received the table this past Friday. It looks beautiful and is perfect in my place. That piece of wood is gorgeous. Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece of furniture that I will always treasure!


Hi Robert,
Once again, thanks for your great work.
Your bed was the first furniture in the room, so I've been shopping to build around it.
Frankly I'm finding it a challenge to find furniture that is a good match; the bed is perfect and I don't want to spoil that look.
So I was wondering if you would be interested in building a dresser (maybe also a night stand) in a style/wood matching the bed?

New York

Bob..........Thanks again for the stool and bench. It's such a pleasure to live with craftsmanship of this order.


Robert - thank you for making such a beautiful, functional table for us.
Everyone who's seen it shares our opinion. It was fun showing it off
over the weekend, and confirmed our conviction that it's the perfect
size and shape.


Dear Robert
We received the beautiful furniture. Our confidence has been well placed.
Wow! The mechanism was smooth and intuitive. The quality of the wood and craftsmanship was A+.
Thanks for the museum pieces.
Best regards,

Charlotte, North Carolina


Thank you so much for the most BEAUTIFUL bed we have ever had (and the setup too). 

Now we have a bed we will enjoy the rest of our lives. The workmanship and artistry you put into the finished product are pure perfection. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning--had a very good night's sleep--the best since we've been in the condo. Every time I come into the BR now, I can't stop staring at this piece of art. It feels perfect for our bedroom, our condo and us. We are so grateful. Thank you a thousand times.

Seattle, WA